Solcom Inc. was founded in Torrance, California in 1990. We started the business with the idea of providing tools and equipment for the soldering and fastening needs of manufacturing companies in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico.  
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Solcom Inc. has grown with the support of our customers in the electronic assembly industry. We have expanded towards the automotive, medical, electronics devices, and semi-conductor industries. We always offer the best possible prices without sacrificing the technical support that we offer.
Solcom   Inc.   is   based   on   Trust,   Support,   and   Quality   Products.   With   the   market   changes, Solcom   Inc.   has   evolved   in   to   a   broader   distributing   company.   We   continue   to   add equipment   and   services   to   our   product   line   to   best   suit   our   customers   every   need.   We are   committed   to   building   long   term   relationships   with   our   customers   across   North America and we look forward to providing you our specialized services and products.
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