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Test Equipment
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AC Insulation/ Withstanding HiTESTER
Temperature & humidity Logger
Online UPS System 55VAC to 150VAC Window
Model 157
TREK Charged Plate Monitor
Models 520 & 523
TREK Handheld Electrostatic Voltmeter
Model 901H
TREK High Sensitivity ESD Event Detector
Power Quality Analizer
Continuous testing of insulation (500/1000 V) and withstand voltage (100 VA transformer capacity) Full remote operation when used in combination with the Safety Test Data Management Software 9267 Save up to 8 test settings each for the withstanding and insulation testing modes Precise test voltage without power voltage dependency is generated using the PWM method.
Increased measurement speed of up to 5msec ! 42Hz to 5MHz, wide test frequency range LCR meter High speed measurement of 5ms High precision measurement of ±0.08% basic accuracy Interactive touch panel operation Zoom feature for easy viewing Print measurement values and comparator results (option)
Record Temperature and Humidity Simultaneously Easily mount the light-weight , pocket-sized loggers in tight spaces Easy-to-see dual display Transfer data even during recording Replace batteries while recording Record 60,000 data per channel Record without missing fluctuations in STAT mode Measurement data is preserved even after the battery dies Worry-free backup preserves recorded data even if a new measurement is started by mistake
Rack or Tower Configuration available. 55VAC to 15VAC Input Voltage Window 40Hz to 120 Hz Input Frequency Window. PC (RS-232C) Remote Emergency Power Off LAN Interface Card (Option) Model : PRE11A01-US Dry Contact signal Interface Card (Option)
Charged-Plate Monitor: Fully static-dissipative enclosure is compatible with cleanroom and ESD environments. Tests all ionizers including room ionization systems, AC and DC blowers, nuclear ionizers, and gun types. Resolves 0.1 volts and features high accuracy with extremely low offset and drift.
The Trek Model 520 (±2kV) and Model 523 (±20kV) Hand-Held Electrostatic Voltmeters provide accurate, noncontacting measurements of electrostatic surface voltage for ESD applications in either ionized or non-ionized environments. These two voltmeters utilize a measurement technique that overcomes the disadvantage of the typical hand-held field-meter by providing surface voltage measurements which are essentially independent of the sensor probe-to-measured surface spacing.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) events are important indicators of excessive charge accumulation in environments where they may be detrimental to manufacturing processes in the semiconductor or LCD industries. Trek’s Model 901HS is a diagnostic tool used to identify incidents or verify suspected areas of ESD activity. It is suitable for Charge Device Model (CDM) applications.
Verify power problems in accordance with the IEC61000-4-30 Class A standard High Accuracy and continuous gapless recording (V:±0.1% of nominal voltage, a and W:±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.) CAT IV 600V - safe enough for incoming power lines Broadband voltage range lets you measure even high-order harmonic components of up to 80 kHz Wide dynamic range from low voltages up to 1300V (3P4W line-to-line voltage) Maximum 6000V transient overvoltage up to 700kHz LAN, USB and SD card interfaces Optional GPS BOX for synchronizing multiple devices
ECG Kikosui DWX Series Impulse winding Tester is the perfect solution for testing your coils for defects of assembly, like wrong wire, Bad insulation, Wrong number of winding turns and all sort of defects that can cause Coil or impedance failiures of your products DWX Series Testers can apply voltage from 100V to 10,000Volts to test your Coils
Waveform Monitor for 4K Video
21.5” Full HD LCD monitor (1920 x 1080). It is one of the top grade high intensity pixel reproduction monitors displaying 16.77 million colors, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and brightness of 300 cd/m2. Monitor size hasincreased 80%, with a new aspect ratio of 9:16 instead of 3:4. The new aspect ratio allows our new software platform main menu and other function keys not to overlap with live images.
Waveform Monitor for 4K Video
Dual Range Output (0~15V/0~3A) or (0~9V/0~5A) 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation Built-in DVM Measurement Function High Measurement Resolution (1mV/0.1mA for 5ARange);(1mV/0.1uA for5mA Range) External Relay Control Output On/Off Sink Current Capability (Maximum:2A) Digital Panel Control Selectable Output and Input (DVM) Ports From Front or Rear Panel Key Lock Function 5 Sets of Preset Memory Including Power Output ON/OFF States High Speed Transient Recovery Time(<40us within 100mV ; <80us within 20mV) OVP/OCP/OTP Protection to Prevent DUT Damage Standard Multiple Interfaces: USB / LAN /GPIB Labview Driver and PC Remote Control Software
Sawa Ultrasonic
Stencil Cleaners
Precision Fine Pitch Aperture Cleaners Thousands of dollars less than fully-automatic cleaners Low solvent usage and running costs Fast cleaning time of 1-3 minutes Minimal waste disposal Portable unit can be used directly on the screen printer Fast and Effective ICT Pin Cleaners No need to remove pins from ICT fixture Cleans all pins at one time in five minutes Eliminates flux residue on ICT fixture Enhances accuracy of IC Tester Capable of cleaning squeegees, scrapers and misprinted PCBs
This device can record RF signals in various points of fields. When reproducing the signal data in factories or laboratories, it is possible to test receivers under the reception environment of the data. *This device is manufactured for analysis of high frequency signals, quality tests for receivers and so on.
This device can record RF signals in various points of fields. When reproducing the signal data in factories or laboratories, it is possible to test receivers under the reception environment of the data. * This device is manufactured for analysis of high frequency signals  quality tests for receivers and so on
This unit is a signal generator for digital TV of the rack-mounting size. TS generator, modulator, RF converter, and the high power amplifier unit (option) are equipped, so that this device is best for production line and concentrated signal of the TV and the tuner. One system is able to be equipped. (Refer to the corresponding system in the following block chart.) High power compactly becomes possible by installing the high power amplifier unit of the option
 MSD7000A / MSD5000A
This unit is a multi platform DTV signal generator. DTV signal (Terrestrial TV, Cable TV and Satellite TV) in the world, such as Japan, U.S.A, Europe,China, Brazil and etc., can be generated by this device only. * The installing system can be selected. Two kinds of models are prepared. The high-end model[MSD7000A] is the best for the design and the development, etc. of TV and the tuner. The standard model[MSD5000A] is able to be used widely such as from development to production line for TV and the tuner. The TS generator, the modulator and the RF converter are fitted into one device and small and portable size is enabled. A seven-inch wide VGA touch panel is equipped, so that an excellent operability is provided by the combination of the peration keys, the rotary knob and it. Also, options such as fading simulator, impulsive noise generator, BER counter and etc., are lined up, so that functions can be extended according to user’s needs