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SW Type
Wheels with radial and thrust loads
ISB is engaged in the developing of ball transfers as the top in the field, to convey loads back and forth, left, and right, at a tilt, freely in any direction. It is regarded as synonym of “Multi Directional Carrier Unit”. ISB ball transfers are equipped with one tempered large ball bearing that sits on 100-200 hundred small balls with a very less friction resistance, and convey heavy loads freely in all direction effortlessly, save great deal of time and labor.
Cleanroom Ball Transfers are a standard alignment and positioning system for glass substrates all over the world since it was first invented for FPD production equipments
Overview Wheels with radial and thrust loads combined. This product which is mainly used as the wheel for turntables. Suitable for outer wheels for turntables, pallet changer, traverse wheels and other wheels to carry heavy cargo. Note SW-225 and high-grade products are R relief processed for the working face against the rail. SW-225 and high-grade products have a felt-sealed inside face on the outer circumference of the rotating parts. Standard SW-50 model has a right angle flange for the working face against the rail.
Smooth Rotation for Smart Business ISB is the only manufacturing company to produce turntable expertly. ISB Technology is sophisticated and we face a daily challenge to evolve it. As a result, We not only have supplied top number of turntables in the parking lot industry but various environment, manufacturing line, motor show, fashion event, etc… to increase production efficiency or to be an accent of staging. ISB will develop with Turn Table to enrich our life.
ISB Iguchi
Puzzle Combination Type
Save time and space  Cost efficient  Variation Puzzle combination type Piece and Peace Puzzle Maximize or minimize ball transfer units,depend on environment, load, size. Make your original colorful unitby combining 7 colors. DIY puzzle kit. Make your own work-table at home or at work-place just by combining puzzle pieces. It’s easy, simple and fun!!