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ESD Materials
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KZN 110-20D
Doble Layer ESD Mat Green Color
Clean Room Sticky Mat
Honeycomb Patern ESD Transparent Plastic
NSP-2S Series
Static Disipative Brush
Surface resistivity of the top layer is 10^8 – 10^9 Surface resistivity of the bottom layer is 10^5– 10^6. Meets ASTM D412, D1004, D2240-75 and ESD S4.1-1997 standards. 10 meters long roll (32feet) easy to cut by knife or scissors 1.1meters width (3feet). 2mm thickness 1mm per layer (2 layers)
Regular Tacky Adhesive (High Tacky available) 30 Sheets per Pad 10 Pads per Box 36inches by 24inches Sheets Made in Korea
ACHILLES SEIDEN F is printed with a grid-like pattern of specially prepared electro-conductive carbon on one side of flame retardant, clear, ACHILLES FLARRE film. The result is a highly effective and long lasting electro-conductive material with a specific surface resistance of 106ohm. ACHILLES SEIDEN F (Both Sides Printed) has the special electro-conductive printing on both front and back sides, and is only available in 0.3mm thickness. Center Punches with Tungsten Carbide Caution: 1. ACHILLES SEIDEN F must be grounded when in use. 2. Do not use solvent-based cleaners on ACHILLES SEIDEN F products. Solvents will damage the special conductive printed grid.
STANDARD TYPE                                    L NSP-2S-800          800mm NSP-2S-1000       1000mm NSP-2S-1200       1200mm NSP-2S-1500       1500mm NSP-2S-1800       1800mm NSP-2S-2100       2100mm
Feature: Double-wall construction provides excellent impact resistance while wafers are firmly protected inside. Can be used by automatic wafer loading equipment (robots). A 3.5 inch floppy disk for data can be stored under the lid. (8 inches only) The lid and body are supplied as a set, which opens and closes by turning the lid. Partial filling acceptable. Surface Resistance                                 <1.0×106Ω Material                                                  Conductive Polypropylene
Static Worx
 Sheet Flooring
Features: Low outgassing emission. Meets Class 10 cleanroom requirements. Conforms to the requirement of NFPA 99 Standard for Health Care Facilities All Staticworx vinyl flooring meets California 1350 indoor air quality standards
ACL Staticide
 Dissipative Material
Measures Surface resistivity 106-108 ohms per square Electricals are warranted for the lifetime of the mat Compliant to ANSI / ESDA S20.20 Two ply .065 " ( 1.65mm ) thickness Static decay of .05 seconds Incorporates the groundbreaking Lo- Char low smoke, low flame technology Embossed surface Low outgassing; low VOC Provide colored UV stability additives recyclable Available in two colors : light gray and royal blue Rolls available in lengths of 50 " and widths of 24", 30 ", and 36" Precut mats include two 10mm female snaps
Weir (cough) by the uneven surface structure with is the bedding mat to prevent the soaring of fine dust that has fallen on the floor.
Short ESD labcoat Lapel collar Set-in Sleeves Three patch pockets Front snap closure with reinforcement Adjustable snaps at sleeve ends Grounding snaps on waist pockets