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Chemtronics® dry wipes are engineered and manufactured clean. They are designed for controlled environments, light industrial, benchtop, laboratory and high absorbency applications. They feature: High absorbency Contamination control High-purity Little or no linting They are ideal for use with strong solvents and the full range of engineered Chemtronics® cleaners; Electro-Wash® cleaner degreasers, Static Free™ static control products and Flux-Off® flux removers.
Static Free™ products are engineered to protect electronic equipment and work spaces from static buildup while cleaning and reconditioning. They prevent and eliminate electrostatic point sources on nonporous surfaces. All products are nonflammable and contain no ozone depleting substances. All Static Free products are: Plastic Safe Nonflammable Ozone Safe
Presaturated swabs and wipes combine Chemtronics® highly effective cleaners and static dissipative treatments with the convenience of a disposable applicator. Our presaturated products can be used in a wide variety of applications: Cleaning optical surfaces Cleaning fiber optic connectors and fusion splicers Cleaning computer keyboards Cleaning and applying ESD treatments to display screens Removing oil, dust and other contaminants Cleaning and protecting sensitive contact surfaces
Chemtronics® complete line of high purity solvents are the finest, most effective products made for the critical cleaning of fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, electrical assemblies and sensitive components. Each cleaning agent possesses unique properties suited to specific applications — from precision cleaning of solvent sensitive components to heavy duty removal of matrix. Several of these products can be used in aerosol, bench top, and immersion cleaning systems. All aerosols can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down. Look for the “All-Way Spray” icon on the can.
ACL offers two types of coatings for static control. Our Staticide® topicals decay static to a zero charge during manufacturing and maintenance and are suitable for all types of materials. Our ESD Safety Shield coatings create a dissipative surface for long-term effects and are primarily used on plastics, films, and equipment parts.
ACL Has A Static Control Finish for Your Specific Needs ACL offers two flooring choices for static control: dissipative floor finishes and ESD paint. Our Staticide® dissipative floor finishes are the perfect option for companies with standard vinyl (VCT), linoleum, ESD tile, or epoxy. For companies looking for an ESD coating for concrete, we offer two types of static control paint.
CL Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control zones
Konform® Conformal Coatings are used for spray, dip tank and brush applications. They protect printed circuit boards, components and flex circuitry from damage. These coatings provide excellent electrical insulation properties that withstand hot and cold operating environments, as well as heat generated by electronic circuitry. All Konform® conformal coatings contain a UV indicator for improved quality assurance, and all products are free of ozone depleting compounds and substances. They offer high dielectric strengths of 1100 volts/mil or more. These tough, transparent coatings will not fragment, chip or crack, thereby providing excellent protection. All are convenient and ready to use — no mixing is required.
Features:  Halogen-free Low voiding on BGA and BTC components REACH and RoHS compliant For use with demanding, high density electronic assemblies High SIR/Electrically safe residue Formulated for use with T4 and finer powders Mitigates head-in-pillow