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Air Nozzles
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AB & ASU Series
Shock Gun Nozzles
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SB & SGB Series
Brush Gun Series
Air Mousse Gun
Chemicals Spray Unit
Water Mist
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Tornado Cleaner
Air Blaster
Owerful Type Air Shock Gun “Air Blaster” and downsized model “Air Blaster Mini”. Air Blaster/Mini can generate ultra high speed of 7000rpm at lower pressure (0.5MPa) than before. It can remove the dust powerfully, at lower energy. Nozzle cone has the stainless steel inner, so the life is extended than before.
The detergent is sprayed with a form of mousse by mixing with air. The mousse is light and adheres on the surface of the work without dripping. It can reduce running costs, because of small amount of water consumption. It is safe because the detergent is sucked up by the negative pressure  (Venturi effect), and high pressure is not applied in the tank.
The Precious Cleaning Brush Gun can be realized the powerful cleaning by the synergy of Pulse Air Spray and Brush Vibration. It can remove the chips and the dusts in tiny space.
It is effective to reduce the friction, increase the blade durability, reduce the nicks in the edge and increase the speed, with spraying the water in a form of fine mist to cutting edge.
Tornado Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner for seats, mats, etc. By beating and suction at the same time with Pulse Air, the thick-piled mat can be cleaned easily.
This Mechanical Swing Nozzle blows dust and particles in a linear area. This swing allows to Improve the cleaning power and reduce the air consumption.
This Nozzle utilizes a cone shape nozzle and a Inner hose By rotation in circular motion the Inner hose generates single point cleaning power but covering a circular area one point at a time at high speed.